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    About Amoung us - Subway Surfers

    About Amoung us - Subway Surfers.


    Amoung us - Subway Surfers is the place where a running competition with extremely lovable Among Us characters takes place. Test your speed and dexterity in the game to survive as long as you can and get a high score.

    The game has content based on the game Subway Surfers, however, the character designs have been changed to the latest. It is more suitable for players and creates excitement when players can change the style of the race.

    This game is completely available to play for free on your phone or tablet. The time-killing gameplay ensures you never lose track of time while trying to beat your high score.


    Content about quests for players.

    In this free adventure game, the character Amoung us is trapped inside a subway station. The person who will control this character for free, you need to run as fast as possible and try to dodge the oncoming trains if you want to run a longer distance and improve your high score. You are on the run from the tough cop and he won't stop chasing you.

    Addictive runner and jumper-style game with beautiful 3D graphics. It all revolves around dodging oncoming trains and trying not to hit obstacles and barriers. Speed ​​is extremely necessary, but you have to be clever through rubbing to come up with the right strategies.

    This race is fully capable of improving your concentration skills. If you neglect for a second you can also be caught by the police. Being hit by a train can cause you to lose your gills, if you crash into other obstacles, you will lose your life. The longer you survive in the race, the faster your speed will become, which requires you to be more skilled.


    In-game rewards.

    Coins and power-ups are the rewards you encounter along the way. Try to collect all of them. As they give you more power and help you last longer in this endless adventure.


    Main features of Imposter Runner 3D.

    Clean and neat design with a new and intuitive interface

    Amazing 3D graphics with smooth animations

    Endless runner and jumper adventure

    Many boosters and power-ups to collect

    Avoid hitting obstacles and barriers and never get caught by the police

    Run fast and dodge and try to survive longer

    Fast-paced game to improve concentration skills

    Free to play

    How to play Amoung us - Subway Surfers

    A one-finger game that lets you swipe, jump, or slide quickly on your phone.
    Or use the WASD keys on the keyboard for the calculator.

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