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About Blue vs Red!

Blue vs Red is a classic arcade-style game. It’s easy to play and challenging to master. The gameplay is simple: Stay in the blue if you want to live, or stay in the red if you enjoy being blown

Blue vs Red is a super fun, fast-paced 2D platform shooter game with great graphics. Your mission in this game is to help the blue team to destroy the red team’s base. To do that, you must explore each level and find the exit gate so you can proceed to the next level. There will be numerous enemies trying to stop you from completing your mission. Be careful, they might be sneaky sometimes! 

Blue vs Red is an action packed shooting game with graphics and gameplay inspired by old school arcade games. The game has two characters: Blue, who shoots with the left mouse button and Red, who shoots with the right mouse button. Your objective is to get to the end of the level while shooting everything that moves and avoiding getting shot by the enemies. There are 30 challenging levels in this game which will keep you entertained for you.

Are you ready for the ultimate battle between Red and Blue? You’ll need to be quick, fearless and have excellent reaction skills to complete this challenging arcade game. Shoot the red foes before they get you, and watch out for hidden traps along the way. 

Red Vs Blue is a challenging 2D platform shooter. The game has 40 levels with different objectives and different enemies. You play as one of two robots, each with their own unique abilities. Your goal is to collect all the green cubes on each level while avoiding obstacles and fighting

How to play Blue vs Red!

Using Mouse

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