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Take control of your favorite warriors and come out victorious in this epic battle arena! The kingdom is at war and it’s your chance to prove yourself. You must build and upgrade your base, recruit and train heroes, and then lead them into battle to conquer the enemy base, and eventually the entire

Are you ready for the ultimate showdown? Are you up for a challenge? The Boom Battle Arena is your chance to crush your enemies in this epic 3D war game! Train yourself with upgrades and collect unique warriors to become the ultimate bomb-chucking warrior. Battle your way through hordes of enemies with your upgradable arsenal. Once you reach the top of the leaderboards, you’ll be able to unlock awesome rewards and Achievements. So, are you ready for the Boom

Conquer the battlefield and become the ultimate warlord! In BOOM Battle Arena, you must lead your faction to victory and become the ultimate warlord. You command deck-building strategy games with tactics, not random dice rolls. In BOOM Battle Arena, your cards are your army, and you must use their abilities in battle to defeat your enemies. Each opponent has a different deck, and you must understand their weakness and use it to your advantage. Your best cards will be your generals. Use them to strengthen your army and become the ultimate warlord. Win the game and conquer the obstacles.

There is the Boom Battle Arena, a fighting game pitting you against dozens of opponents to prove you’re the mightiest warrior of them all. It’s a simple premise, but one that could lead to hours of fun. The objective of each round is to defeat as many opponents as possible. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade your character and use bombs to blast your opponents out of the arena. You’ll earn points for each opponent you KO and so-called stars. The more stars you earn, the higher your chance of being selected for the special red star and gold star events. You can purchase items for your character and upgrade their abilities to give you an edge. Grab your friends and get ready to go Boom.

The Human race has always been destructive, ever since the very first moments of our existence. Destroyed by storms and torn apart by rival species, our ancestors were forced to adapt and evolve at lightning speed. The result: the evolution of the human race, into beings with sharp instincts, an insatiable curiosity and an unbreakable spirit. But even though our ancestors were forced to destroy and adapt, we’ve always been able to come together and rebuild. This is the beauty of the human race. And that’s why, in the post-apocalyptic future, we’re bringing the best and most destructive parts of the past and the future together, to form the most unique and exciting battle arena in the history of the human race. Get ready for the CRUSHING BOMB

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Using Mouse

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