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About Bus Subway Runner

Bus Subway Runner is an unlimited adventure with three modes of running, surfing, or riding a roller coaster. The naughty boy is trying to run away from the police chase. he hid and ran forward in the roadway. This is really dangerous. There are many dangers such as vehicles, construction fences, traffic signs that are blocking his way of escape. All those obstacles can cause him to be caught by the police or even lose his life.

But the brave boy decided to defy everything. He happily runs away and dodges all obstacles.

The player's task is to help the mischievous boy run as far as possible. Can run on the ground, on the roof of a tram, or under a pedestrian tunnel. This is absolutely the most fun endless runner game.

There are three features to use:

Basic running mode: this is a familiar model in the subway surfers game system, run, and dodge.

Surf mode: left click twice in a row to switch to this model. it will help the boy accelerate faster.

Glider mode: Click on the ship image in the bottom left corner of the screen to do this mode. A roller coaster will take you through the air to avoid dangerous traffic below and collect more gold coins. However, this feature is limited in time.

How to play Bus Subway Runner

Use WASD keys to play.

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