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Pusher 3D is a 2014 American adventure game developed by Atomic Studios and published by Activision. The game was first released in North America on November 20, 2014 and was later distributed to international backers on December 17, 2014. It is the third animated game released by Activision in the last few months, following Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Need for Speed: Payback. Pusher features an action-packed storyline with multiple objectives that require accurate management of conveyor belts and other moving objects. The player’s goal is simple: control a pitifully weak stickman who must be pushed around while avoiding obstacles, bosses and other opponents. 

Who will win the final flip of the coin? The master pushers or the masters of push-backs? Or will it be a tie-breaker between the two? Pusher 3d: Clash Pusher is an arcade stickman game where you have to push back opposing players so they stop moving. It’s a fun game for all ages, but especially great with kids! Help your friends push back players in this cool new Arcade Stickman game! Use your controller and your friends' Xbox Live ID if you want to challenge each other. You can even play against friends who are playing Ultimate Pusher 3d! 

Pusher 3d is a point and click adventure game developed and published by Nausea Games. The game is set in the future where mankind has become addicted to skateboards and other roller-skates. The player controls Pusher as he navigates his way through various locations, helping out others who need help. From charity to demolition sites, Pusher will find the best solution for each problem he faces. U

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Using Mouse

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