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If you like running and lava than this is the video for you. I will be showing some amazing footage of me running down a street filled with …… If you’re looking for the most addictive, challenging, and fun way to spend your time this summer, then check out the SUBWAY RUNNER! It's a 10-level game where you run down a subway track in order to reach the end zone! It's fast-paced, fun for all ages, and even has a sub-game of its own! This game is perfect for people that enjoy speed and racing games. In every SUBWAY RUNNER level there is always something new and different. The game challenges you to think faster while maintaining balance and coordination. You’ll need to master timing, distance perception, and reaction time in order to reach the end zone. Once you complete each level you'll unlock the next one until you reach the finale! How To Play The Subway Runner Game On Android Tablet The SUBWAY RUNNER is an arcade style arcade runner video game developed by Inatec. It was released on May 26th 2018, marking it as one of the earliest video games ever created. You play as James Mason who dreams of being a real estate agent like his father. One day he buys an abandoned subway station hoping that it will be his new office space. However, things don’t go as planned once he starts running trains into it. What lies ahead?

In this game you have to run as fast as you can in a very complicated and dangerous floor. The closer you get to the wall, the higher the speed will be. Get through all of the levels and prove that you’re the best stickman runner alive!Controls- Mouse to Run– You can run forward, backwards, left or right. Good luck to you!

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