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Fruit Ninja is the #1 hit game! Join millions of players in the FUN and ADDICTIVE fruit slicing action! Get ready to slice and dice over 30,000 fruits as they launch toward your virtual opponent. You're the NINJA here, so prove you have what it takes by out-slicing, out-dicing and out-ninjesting your opponents! FEATURES: • All NEW Gameplay – Innovative new physics system lets you slice with ease, yet challenging missions let you compete against others for high scores! • Unlock Missions – Play more than 60 challenging missions from easy tutorials to fiendish trick challenges. • Leaderboards & Achievements – Compete with others on global leaderboards and unlock achievements along the way. ENDLESS FRUIT HUNT: – 45+ awesome levels for endless fruit slicing fun. Master every level and discover hidden passageways to gain access to even more fruits! ENHANCE YOUR GAME WITH IN APP PURCHASES: – This app is free to play but certain functions are purchasable with real money. Terms of service are available in-app. You may disable in-app purchases on your device if you wish to do

This is a This one style game where you need to cut different fruits and vegetables to score points. The more you play, the more difficult it will get. You can choose from various modes like classic, challenge, time attack and survival. In Classic mode, you are playing against the computer and in Challenge mode, you have to complete certain objectives within a time limit. In Time Attack mode, you have only a limited time in which to finish as many rounds as possible. Finally, in Survival mode, this is where your skills are put to the ultimate test. It only gets easier if you succeed at higher difficulties but again if you fail it gets harder

This one is a game of slicing and dicing fruits in increasingly creative ways. The aim of the game is to cut as many fruits as possible and score points by collecting these orbs that appear on the screen. You can slice your way through over 120 levels, with more coming soon! To play This game, simply swipe your finger across the screen to launch fruit and create combos. Try to clear all the fruit from each level before time runs out. As you progress through the game, you unlock new characters and additional fruit types. Collect special orbs along the way and earn bonus points for clearing multiple orbs.

Fruit Ninja is an action game in which you cut various fruits into pieces to score points. The player has to test their reaction time, speed and precision by cutting as many fruit as possible in a limited amount of time. There are three different game modes – Score Attack, Time Attack and Zen Mode – with varying objectives.


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Using Mouse

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