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About Funny Bone Surgery

Today you are a doctor and this patient needs your help. She is nervous because she has to go through an operation and that’s why it’s called scary bone surgery. Do you think you can handle such a difficult task? Prove it! Take care of her, give her the right injections, wash her hair and most importantly give her a new funny haircut so she will feel better after the surgery. Give her all the confidence she needs by being gentle and attentive. She will be grateful for sure. In this game you have to focus on every single step so you won’t make any mistake during the surgery procedure. Now it’s up to you how well are you going to do your job as a doctor. 

People love playing doctor and nurse and now you can play that game as a surgeon. Funny Bone Surgery is a simulation game where you will be assisting the surgeon in various surgeries. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be gory or anything! You just need to assist the surgeon by giving him the right tools, suturing and bandaging the wounds and more. Perhaps this is just a small warm up for your future career as an orthopedic

Let’s cut the chase! You are a young surgeon and your patient is a funny bone. Your task is to perform surgery on this poor guy digging deep into his flesh and bones to mend his broken funny bone. Sounds gross, right? Armed with your wit and surgical skills, you will have to explore various procedures on the patient. Are you ready to get your hands dirty and play as a surgeon for once? Dive into this new game

If you have the guts and a kind heart, then maybe you could be a great surgeon some day. But can you practice on these patients first? Give them a makeover, check their teeth and do their hair, all while keeping them happy. Check out the different operations they need and get to work! 

There’s nothing funny about it’s on a patient who thinks it’s all just a big joke. These wacky patients are willing to go under the knife in order to crack a great big smile on your face. 

How to play Funny Bone Surgery

Using Mouse

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