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About Garden Tales

Do you like to get lost in your thoughts? Is it difficult to communicate with others? Do you wish that people would understand you better? If so, then this game is just for you! This is the first escape game from a new series of games from Red Lake Studios. In the End, its all about Escape! The main character in this game is called Tom. He has a fiancee called Claire. Everything seems perfect until she gets kidnapped by an evil scientist named Professor Grey. Now its up to you to find her and save her before its too late. This game features 5 chapters which will have over 10 puzzles each. The puzzles can be tricky at times but with some patience and perseverance, figuring them out shouldn't be much of a problem either. Luckily though, there are hints that will help you when needed as well as maps that will guide you towards the next location if needed. Good luck!

Garden Tales is a new Match-3 puzzle game by Rovio. You play as the Gardener, who has to care for his garden in every way. Grow flowers and vegetables, feed them with seeds and water them with the hoses. In addition to that, you have to clean up the garden from weeds, old plants and insects. Therefore, it’s your task to keep everything in order. You can do so by matching flowers or other objects at specific locations. Find hidden items and solve puzzles. That’s all there is to it! However, some of these tasks are not as easy as they seem… Just because you have a green thumb doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly when growing things outdoors! Use logic and problem solving skills! Are you up for the challenge? Then let’s get started!

Mystery Match 3 game – Where will your brain take you? This thrilling tile matching adventure is full of exciting new rooms, beautiful gardens, useful objects and challenging mini-games. The ending will leave you in shock! Discover a hidden world filled with unique characters, intriguing puzzles and unforgettable moments. With over 100 levels to explore, hours of gameplay, captivating music and relaxing sounds effects, this is one match game you won’t want to put down. Explore the enchanted garden and encounter strange creatures that may have glimpses of our past or clues to our unknown future. 

How to play Garden Tales

Instruction Travel around the map by completing the levels. Use your mouse or the touch controls to swap the fruits and vegetables. Match at least three same items to clear the board and match 4 or more to get boosters.

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