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This is a game about collecting Animals in an Idylic Zoo and bringing them back to the Safe Haven. You assume the role of a new Animal Keeper who has just been hired at the Zoological Park. It is your first day there, and you are excited about the animals you'll get to work with. The only problem is that no one told you how to keep the animals safe or hygienic, so they all started to get sick. Now you need to learn what your duties will be as an Animal Keeper. In this game, you need to help take care of the animals by feeding them, cleaning their enclosures, taking care of their health needs, and making sure they have enough space. There are many ways you can earn money in order to save up for better quality foods and supplies for your animals. You should start by selling any of your unwanted items that have little value. If you have a farm or other fields nearby then that can also be a great source of income as well as extra storage space for when it becomes necessary. Earn coins by selling unwanted items or by completing small tasks around town; Use those coins to buy food for your animals or upgrades for your house such as an indoor garden or a greenhouse; Once upgraded, these greenhouses produce more fruits and vegetables than before which can either be sold again or given directly back to the but only if they’re safely locked away somewhere

Today is a special day in the little zoos life. The first guests arrived at 8:30am and they came straight to the petting zoo, bypassing the rest of the zoo in their eagerness to be fed. Before you know it, 9pm rolls around and everyone has gone except for you and your friends. No problem, most zoos will let you continue to keep the animals company over the only issue is, you’ve got so much more than just animals in this You’ve got friends, family, and even strangers who have come to call this place home. This isn’t just a living space for them; This is their whole world. And now it’s time for you to show them all that theirs also

Idle Zoo Safari is a casual Idle game, in which you work at the zoo to feed your animals and make them happy. To do that, keep upgrading different facilities and create new paths for your animals. Keep them happy and healthy! Play the idle game with cute and CUTE ZOO ANIMALS - CUTE ZOO ANIMALS is an idle game for kids. You can play it by clicking on the left side of the screen or by tapping on the right side of the screen. You will have to feed and take care of cute zoos animals as fast as you can before they run out of food and get sick

If you love zoos and animal-themed clickers, you’ll love this game! It’s a farming game where you take care of animals in an idle zoo. You must keep them happy and healthy so they can produce animal tokens to help sustain the farm. You only have limited space in which to keep different animals. 

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Using Mouse

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