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The most exciting bridge game on the planet - now with added obstacle, arcade, coins, 3d and maze modes! What will you do when you get trapped in an endless tunnel? How about jumping from wooden bridge to wooden bridge, only to find that the further you get the more numerous are the gaps. The best way out is probably through the Looking Glass: jump from pillar to pillar until you find yourself in a new land. Or do you prefer to take your chances in real life? Maybe you should practice jumping first? In any case, this is one adventure that will keep you coming back for more - and playing it again and again. This version of the classic game features all-new obstacles and twists on existing levels. Get ready for an original experience that’s both challenginGAME DESCRIPTION: Race against time as a unique magical creature trying to make its way home across dangerous looking obstacles in this fun and addictive game awaits

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Using Mouse

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