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If anyone has ever said that playing with knives is not good, it is because they have not tried Knife Hit (developed by Ketchapp) exclusively for mobile phones. The latest game of the French developer is simply throwing knives at the target.
At the beginning, you will constantly throw knives into a window to break it. This will definitely be the most interesting way to make firewood! Or with another challenge, an apple will be attached to the logs, and your task is to slice them to get a bonus. After many times over, you will finally face the boss - a big challenge, but if you succeed in conquering them, you will earn exclusive knives! The good news is that you are reading our Hit Knife Guide to help you win the battle with Boss!
The target will continue to rotate when you throw the knife at it. When a knife is hit, it will stick to the target until the target is destroyed. That means the more knives are trapped on the target, the harder it is to throw new ones. That is why you need to type fast when you decide to start throwing knives. The reluctance between throws creates a space between the knives. This will cause more difficulties for you later when there is less space. The quick action will bring the knives closer together, giving you more space for additional throws later.
One advantage of this game is that there is no time limit. This will help you a lot when you face bosses. Boss appears once a year once, so you will meet the first person on the fifth level. You will find that the first boss moves erratically. This makes it hard to guess where to throw knives. Therefore, you need to watch the Boss carefully before throwing the knife. And do not forget to make fast so the knives are thrown close to each other.


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