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Laser Cannon 3 is a game where you shoot various ices using your laser cannon. The objective of the game is to destroy them all with your laser cannon in order to clear the level. As you progress through the levels, it gets harder and harder as more enemies appear. You have a certain amount of time to shoot them all and once it runs out, you lose. You can earn points by getting 3 stars on each level but if you want to get a higher score then try to get 1 star on every level. There are 4 different types of enemies that you will encounter in the game; crystals, ice crashers, ice blocks and icicle towers. Every time that you shoot an enemy with your laser cannon they turn into smaller pieces that fall slowly down towards the ground until they disappear altogether leaving behind some coins as a reward for you. You can also unlock new outfits, weapons and power-ups as well as new worlds which can be accessed from the main menu after finishing each world once. 

A Laser Cannon is a weapon that can fire Laser bolts. The primary function of a laser cannon is to be able to fight against hostile aliens or robots. The weapons are usually mounted on ships and tanks. You will see laser cannons in almost every science fiction movie or video game where alien invasions take place. They are one of the most common weapons used in military scenarios, as they can quickly eliminate their targets from a distance. A laser cannon works by firing pulses of light through a wavelength of light at very high speeds. This makes it possible to destroy enemy targets from a long distance with minimal collateral damage to buildings and structures. There are many different types of laser cannons, with varying power, cost, size and other characteristics defined by their manufacturer or model number. 

Laser cannons are an essential part of any ship, especially a warship. They can target enemies, destroy them, or protect your ship and crew. Laser cannons can also damage friendly ships and stations as well. In this post we will be discussing about the best laser cannon games for Android and iOS. Whether you’re just looking for some quick arcade action or want to spend hours mastering your skills, there’s a laser cannon game out there for you.

How to play Laser Cannon 3

Instruction The fewer shots you need, the better. So aim well before you fire and make sure that every shot is a hit. These strange creatures must be destroyed, and you are the only person who can do it. Are you ready for this responsible task? Find out now and have fun with Laser Cannon 3! Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot

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