Monsters io is a free-to-play, Action-RPG mobile game developed by Sim Global and released on Android in, iOS in, and on mobiles. It has been released globally with different languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and more. The game takes place in the fictional country of Moresoro which is ruled by monsters. Players can choose to play as one of three different characters each with their own unique abilities and skills. There are also four different heroes who are out to end the reign of monsters once and for all! The game follows the story of an epic battle between humans and monsters where humans discovered magic through the use of machines called Arks. Humans used Arks to defeat the monsters but they ended up having disastrous consequences that led to the downfall of humans. 

Monster Squad is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Game released on January 12, 2021 for Android and iOS by Feelow Games. It’s an Action-Strategy game where you play as different Monsters that have come together to fight against the humans of the world. The goal is to defeat all 47 human tribes, who have created armed camps everywhere. They are here to exterminate all of the monsters from the world. In order to accomplish this, they spent their entire fortune and created war machines such as cannons and machine guns to destroy them. The Monster Squad came together because they want to win against humans because they don't deserve to be in this world anymore. They will stop at nothing until they win! They will also find a place that's away from humans in order to raise their young there so they can grow into strong monsters.

Final Fantasy 20XX is a sandbox survival action role-playing video game developed by Square Enix’s Fabraz studio in collaboration with DEVGRU-E and Published by Square Enix. It is the first entry of the Final Fantasy 20XX series and was released worldwide on February 28, 2021 for iOS and Android. The game takes place in a futuristic world where massive monsters called ‘Moblins’ rampage across the land, threatening all life. The story follows two protagonists who attempt to survive against these deadly creatures. Players can choose between these two characters: Chompy or Chomps. Play as one character throughout the game or switch between them whenever you want, each having different starting attributes and skills that can be leveled up through experience obtained from completing missions and defeating.

Monster Byte is a very popular and fast-paced multiplayer game. It combines the best of puzzle games with the best of shooter games. You will have to think fast and shoot accurate to survive in this ever-changing world. In Monster Byte, you will meet various kinds of monsters that come into your house as soon as darkness falls. These monsters are actually robots that were created by a scientist for security purposes but went haywire due to an unknown reason. 


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