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It's that time of year again. The annual onslaught of "Runescape" ads has begun and Jagex are once again pandering to the foolish masses with ridiculous requests to 'run' their game "Subway". This year, they have even gone as far as asking gamers to run their own SUBWAY!! This is preposterous. It's a video game, not a real life restaurant. There's no way we could possibly run a fast food chain like Subway or any other company for that matter. Competent players can probably only hit substandard human-operated rollercoasters in games such as "The Simpsons: Tapped Out" or "Angry Birds." A better example of this kind would be the yearly stream of "Twitch" ads promoting their live video streaming service or the equally ridiculous proposal by Nintendo to run their gaming service called "Nindies" (which just sounds so awkward). But okay, if you put it like that, it's still preposterous. So what if we told you there was another option? You read on and found out why running your own Subway isn't as crazy as you think and maybe you'll consider giving it a shot next year after seeing these possible

New and improved! Subway Surfers is here, with updated visuals, smoother gameplay and more challenging missions. There are also some new challenges to overcome, such as reaching a certain score in a set number of runs or completing a set number of levels. But the best part? It's now free to play! How does it compare to the original? Let's see it!

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Using Mouse

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