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You are a party organizer and you want to throw the most thrilling, fun and memorable party of your life! Let the matches begin! The object of this game is simple, organized parties make friends, drink wine and play match-3 games. But where to start? Decide early on what kind of party you want to throw; do you want it to be low-key and chilled out or do you want to bring out your wild side and have a crazy night? Once you’ve settled on your theme, think about how many people you want to come along with you. If your aim is to make new friends, consider hosting themed get-togethers for different ages or activities such as poetry readings or trivia contests. Think about what kind of drinks you’ll be serving; do you want something warm like beer or something cold like cocktails? Do you need help planning the whole event from beginning to end? If so, check out our tips in the section below on How To Host A Party That Will Make Friends

The second edition of the popular party game is now available on Android! What's new in Party 2? For starters, the game has been updated to run smoothly across all devices. We also added three exciting new features that you won't find anywhere else: - Stickers! Play with friends and family using stickers instead of real-life tokens. You can even create your own sticker packs and share them with friends via social media or email! (In case you don't have any friends!) - Party mode! The original hit game has been updated to support up to eight players in a regular match, or teams in Party mode. Are you ready to

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