Rabbids Volcano Panic

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Are you ready for a Rabbids adventure? Well, let’s get started! The Rabbids have built their own volcano and are now set to launch it at any minute. It’s up to you to help them escape the island before they can set off the eruption. Maybe you’ve heard that playing hide-and-seek is one of the best games ever invented. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s play! Follow these easy steps to become a savior and help your friends escape their underground prison: Step 1: Find all the hidden objects and solve the puzzles. Step 2: Use your wits and outsmart the guards to free your friends from captivity. Step 3: Juggle with other heroes by completing tricks in a variety of fun games until everyone has been freed from captivity. And that’s how you play hide-and-seek!

The volcanoes are on fire! The Rabbids have set the whole mountain ablaze in an attempt to trap their enemies inside. Now it’s up to you and your friends to rescue the trapped citizens before they suffocate. It’s time to play as one - team up with your friends, grab some bubbles and launch those mini-adventure buddies into the air. Team up with friends or family members and embark on a series of mini-adventures together. Use teamwork as well as individual skill to solve puzzles, open locked gates and reach new areas. Travel through several scenes on your way to saving the day - including a Rabbid-infested city, a crazy pirate cove and more! Explore over 30 locations filled with hidden challenges and secret items that will help you along your path. Play alone or in cooperation with family and friends for unlimited replayability. Come play with this game!

The Rabbids are back and they’re more mischievous than ever! This time they’ve discovered how to use volcanoes as their personal play things. The Rabbids have even managed to create a volcanic island just for themselves. They’ve set off all the traps they can find, which should make things extra fun for them when they get bored. Luckily you are right on top of these crazy little rodents’ plot. You must rescue the Rabbid friends who were trapped in an underground volcanic prison by destroying the different traps that they’ve set up along the way. After each trap you destroy, it’s sure to keep these Rabbids busy until their next plot comes up with something.

How to play Rabbids Volcano Panic

Using Mouse

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