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The infamous Black Dragon clan once ruled the Nightfall continent. However, their reign of terror ended in a moment of weakness when they were betrayed by one of their own and struck with an illness that decimated them from within. Their fall marked the end of an era: The Black Dragons were no more. But now, they have been reborn, and this time, there’s no looking back. Total War: WARHAMMER® offers a new chapter of this legendary real-time strategy series, set in the world of The legend of the Black Dragon clan has been told and retold over countless games in the Total War series. 

Are you a fan of the Total War series and its lore? The Legends of Aranna is a subreddit that aims to create an entertaining place for all Warcraft III players to come together and discuss the many facets of the game. We are a community ofTotal War: Warhammer players who have united to create one voice, one home, oneReddit page. Here, you'll find news, strategies, art, and anything else related to the game. Discover what happened in the past and look forward to what's in store for your faction. 

The Age of Heroes is coming to Total War: Arena. The end of the Great War has triggered a new era of conflict in what was once the most powerful nation on Earth. Meet the new heroes and villains of your favorite war-time tales as they come haring out of their slumber and into battle. Build your faction’s roster, craft legendary gear, and pit them against each other in massive Arenas as you fight for control of three unique game modes.

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Using Mouse

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