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Shooter Craft mixes an adventure tale with the well-known Minecraft aesthetic. Defeat the vicious zombies and creepy crawlies. To unlock the mystery door and advance to a level that is more challenging, collect the required quantity of diamonds at each level!

Craft Shooter: Blocky World 3D is a 3D pixel shooter game featuring character-in-the-environment type crafts and block-style weaponry.
You are a gunfighter on a covert mission who must parachute to a remote island. There, you must battle in the vast world of crafting, which is full of perils. You must also locate the prison that has been built there. Finally, you must shoot weapons and eliminate the opposition in the cube sandbox battle arena.

The captives are being kept prisoner by criminals on the top level of a specifically constructed jail that was built on an original crafting planet. Become a hero by fighting to free captives from foes that have a keen sense of survival. Please arm yourself as soon as you stand up and engage the opponents in housecraft combat.
Your main objectives in this cube sandbox universe are to survive and free captives. A fantastic shooting encounter with cunning adversaries in the world of pixel craft. Try to survive and eliminate assassins in this pixel-art jail.
Win the combat, rule the battlefield, and get to the top floor to release the hostages in order to survive the adventure.

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Using Mouse

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