Shooty Shooty

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    About Shooty Shooty

    Welcome to Shooty Shooty, a heart-pounding third-person shooter set on an alien planet infested with demonic skulls. Dive into the depths of a hellish abyss where each gameplay session presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. With rogue-like mechanics, every defeat is not the end but a chance for character improvement and empowerment. Are you ready to face the darkness and emerge victorious?

    Strategic Upgrades and Survival:

    Survival in Shooty Shooty hinges on strategic upgrade choices. Players must carefully consider which upgrades to choose, as they can either strengthen or weaken their character. Each death offers valuable lessons for improvement and growth, encouraging players to explore and experiment with different upgrade combinations.


    Shooty Shooty boasts rogue-like elements that ensure continuous growth and progression, even in the face of defeat. The diverse upgrade system provides players with a wide range of choices, each with strategic implications for survival. Battle against hordes of demonic enemies in a dynamic world where every game session offers new possibilities and challenges.

    Embrace the adrenaline rush and strategic depth of Shooty Shooty as you navigate through the darkness, facing relentless waves of enemies and unlocking the secrets of the abyss. Are you prepared to conquer the demonic skulls and emerge victorious in this thrilling third-person shooter?

    How to play Shooty Shooty

    In Shooty Shooty, players navigate their character through the dark abyss, shooting at demonic skulls that block their path. Upgrades play a vital role in survival, enhancing abilities to withstand the onslaught of evil spirits. Each death serves as a stepping stone for character development, empowering players to face increasingly challenging enemies.

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