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About Siberian Strike

What if Russia and the Soviet Union was combined into one country? What would that country be named? The people of this hypothetical combined nation might answer, “Siberia!” But where in the Soviet Union could such an unlikely union take form? And how would they determine who was a Siberian and who wasn’t? This is the story of Siberia Strike. An internet game played by millions as a more realistic version of World War II strategy game Europa Universalis. Siberia Strike is created by independent developers with no connection to either company or game publishing companies. It features the same polished gameplay, can be played on its own, or alongside Euro-Universalis. As in Europa Universalis, players assume the role of a ruler who has united his country through economic might and political power. However, in this case the focus is not on military might but on industrial might. If you like your strategic games intense and your mechanics smooth, then this is the game for

You are in control of an airplane. You have to shoot down as many enemy fighter jets as you can, by using your gun turret on the plane’s cockpit. The better you shoot down the enemy aircraft, the more points you get for yourself. Each enemy aircraft that is shot down gives you 10 points. But don’t worry if you miss a few; you will still be able to fight from another plane’s gun turret. You just have to find it again! Can you take on the world with this game? Read on to find out more about this amazing theme park-themed shooting

If you have ever wanted to play an airplane game while your computer flies around on one of the most beautiful and thrilling locations in the world, this is the app for you. It’s also the perfect game to teach someone how airplanes

How to play Siberian Strike

Instruction Controls: Tap and hold your finger on the screen to control the plane. Shoot down enemy aircraft and avoid their bullets. Beat the bosses to complete levels.

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