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Ketchapp is an indie game developer company based in Brazil. Games published by Ketchapp are usually simple casual games. They aren’t very good and the graphics are very low-quality but they are free and easy to play. Their games usually have a price tag of under which is why they are considered “casual games” or “free to play”. But don’t be fooled! These types of games can turn out to be very expensive if you keep playing them continuously over time. 

Ketchapp is a new game developer from Brazil. They have released two games so far: Stack and Game. The aim of the games is to build up a user base before launching anything bigger. Ketchapp has put a lot of work into their games, they have high production values and make sure the user experience is as smooth as possible. You can read more about the company and their games on our blog post by clicking

Ketchapp is a casual game developer based in the Netherlands. They’ve created some of the most popular casual games for users worldwide. These include Stack, High, Game, Ketchapp and many other casual games. You can play their games completely free on your Android device such as mobile phone or tablet. Follow the simple rules to help the cute little creatures.

Ketchapp is a puzzle game which challenges the player to solve various different puzzles. The player has to match up different colored tiles. It's a simple concept but it gets challenging very quickly. It's highly recommended for players who like brain teasing.

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