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What's a kid to do when Mommy and Daddy go to work every morning? Play video games of course! These days, we play them almost 24/7. Even though we play these games alone, most of us have grown up in homes with parents who are gamers. In fact, there are over 241 million Americans who are considered game enthusiasts by playing video games at least once a week. 2016 was the year that gaming started its massive transition from niche hobby to mainstream activity. We finally learned what all the hype was about — video games are indeed fun and addictive as HELL! Today, more people than ever before embrace gaming as an essential part of their personal fitness regimen, and not just for console veterans looking to connect with their inner child

The Show is On! The Game Convention has begun and in just four short days, you can be there. Game For Kids Expo was created to meet the needs of all parents who are willing to spend a little bit of time and money to see their kids play video games. From the youngest gamer to the most experienced veteran, every parent can find something to enjoy at this convention. Even if you’re not a gamer yourself, we think you’ll find something here that will bless your

We’re getting closer to the release of Dungeon Adventures 3! The game was created by students from the Blunderschool in partnership with Open Play and the Game Developers Conference. We’re super excited for this game and can’t wait to see everyone at PAX East this

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