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Stick man duel is an online shooting game where you are a cowboy who is trying to prove himself by beating everyone else in the town. This duel will take place in an arena with different obstacles and items that you can use to your advantage. You will have a wide variety of firearms at your disposal, but try not to shoot anyone until the final round - because if you shoot someone before that point, you're disqualified from moving forward. Stickman duel is a great way to show off your aim and strategic abilities while also having fun! If you like this game, please also check out other challenging stickman

Stick Duel Medieval Wars is an awesome stickman shooter game that pits you against other players in a medieval world with swords, bows and arrows as your primary weapons. As a hunter, you have to first choose between archer or swordsman as your character type. Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to start the adventure and go on a shooting rampage against other players from all over the world! Stick Duel Medieval Wars is one of the most trending shooting games online today. So, what are you waiting for? Join this epic battle now and see if you got what it takes to become the ultimate

This is the medieval era, where kings, lords and vassals are fighting to expand their influence. You play as a young boy who has been taken under the wing of a great mentor. This mentor trains you in the art of gun dueling. The game has you facing your opponent and shooting him with your bow and arrow. Depending on which trigger you press, you shoot either left or right handed. If you shoot right-handed, the arrow flies left; vice-versa if you shoot left-handed. The objective is to hit him before he hits you! Shoot fast and don’t

Stickmen Duel - Medieval WArs is a 2 players duel game in which your goal is to eliminate the other player by shooting him with an arrow. You attack and dodge roll to avoid getting hit. If you get shot, you'll lose the duel and be unable to rejoin until the other player loses as well. It's an action-packed yet strategic game where both reflexes and strategy are equally important. A 3rd party server is also available online for those who want to play with friends or people around the

Sticky Duel is a western duel game that involves shooting, wrestling and physics! You play as a stick man and must get your opponent to fall off the edge of the stage. You can do this by hitting them with your gun, or wrestling them back towards it. It takes some getting used to but once you understand the mechanics it’s really fun! There are different characters to choose from and each has their own unique abilities. So grab a friend or stranger and get ready to

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Using Mouse

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