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Subway surfers is a game where you use your keyboard to control the protagonist as he runs on the subway tracks. As you jump from track to track, you'll collect coins that can be used in the shop for upgrades or to unlock new characters. The objective of the game is to get as far as possible without falling off and running into a wall. It was released in 2016 and has since become one of the most popular free games on iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay aims to replicate physical movement in a 3D world typically seen with more traditional 2D video games. It's also an example of a jumping arcade game that operates by collecting coins while avoiding obstacles, such as barriers and trains. The creators have also included elements such as time travel so players can share their scores across multiple platforms. Introduction: In today's digital age where everything is done online, people are getting more and more disconnected from what's happening around them. In turn, there are people

Subway Surfer Beijing is a 3d arcade game that's available on Android, iOS and Amazon. The idea of the game is to have to beat your best time while riding the subway trains, using many different tricks such as jumping, running and sliding. It has been awarded with "Best Android Game of 2013" by Google Play and "Best Indie Game 2013" by IGN. The objective of the game is to ride subway trains as fast as possible without falling or crashing off. There are many types of challenges in Subway Surfer Beijing including running down the tracks, jumping over obstacles and sliding under tunnels. This game is a real-life version of an old school arcade game but it has been re-imagined for today's world where everyone carries a phone in their pocket wherever they

Subway Surfer Beijing is a 3D arcade game, a 3D html5 game, and a 3D puzzle game all in one. In this game you play as the Subway Surfer, an individual who surfs on top of moving subway cars in China. The object is to collect coins as you run along the trains without falling off or getting hit by another car. This is a fun and challenging puzzle game with easy controls and excellent graphics. The only downside is that there are no sound effects for when the train gets too close or when your score increases or decreases. You can learn more about the game at

How to play Subway Surfer Beijing

Swipe left to move left.
Swipe right to move right.
Slide up to jump.
Slide down to crouch.

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