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    Surfers Houston are you one of those people that can’t get enough of a good thing when it comes to food? Perhaps you are the total opposite and have a hard time staying satiated when you’re given the chance to try different new places every day? If so,then this article is definitely for you! I know what you’re thinking; it can be difficult to stay motivated when your tastes change so frequently. However, while some of us may have limitations from living too long age), we all know that if given the opportunity to try new things often enough, we would find ways around them. Fortunately for you,Houston-based surfers Jake and David seem to agree. They’ve teamed up with Game to bring you the ultimate list of hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve up delicious surf & turf whenever they can find an excuse to do so. If there’s one area of cuisine that I regularly hear surfers remark on as being spot on — it’s gotta be sea food. It goes without saying, also, that any list of great places to eat in Houston must include some kind of local seafood option. Hence, this post…it doesn’t get much better than that!

    According to sources, Subway has many surfers in its corporate team. And now, a new wave of surfers is rising to take their place. These people are called "Subway Surfers" and they have a new restaurant called The Subway Surf Shack. This isn't your father's submarine sandwich joint; this is a whole new generation of fast-casual submarine sandwiches spot with modern touches and all the best ingredients. You won’t find any old bread here — it’s all 100% arugula sourdough to create the most flavorful submarine sandwich possible. The concept is simple: buy quality ingredients, make good food, and sell it for cheap. 


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