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    Subway surfers is a simple game that involves tapping on the screen to make the character in the blue suit run across the screen. The yellow character represents feet and toes while the red suit represents legs and thighs. The basic objective of Subway surfers is to get as many people as possible to reach the top of a subway train by running across the screen with as few taps as possible. This requires you to think strategically, since there are different levels with more intricate strategies. Here’s how it works! Level 1: Simple Tap… Simple Game You can play Subway Surfers level 1 without even knowing what it’s all about. All you have to do is tap on the screen when you see a blue character (the player) running toward a red “subway train” icon in order to make him run across the screen. Once he’s on board, all you have to do is keep tapping until everyone else gets on board too! Level 2: Find & Identify Footprints If you’re stuck playing level 1 but want something a little more challenging, try finding footprints left by other players before they reach your station. Doing so will net you more points and help other players avoid getting caught by the police! Level 3: Connect 4 or More Toes To win this game, be sure that at least four other players connect their toes before yours do. 

    The Subway Surfers are a group of street kids who hang out at the subway station. They love playing on the platforms till late at night, as it’s usually the only time that they’re not watched or chased away by parents and guardians. They play games, chat with each other, and even meet new people along the way. Some of these youngsters are there just to take a ride on the train with them, but most decide to hang out when the going gets tough outside. These subway surfers aren’t like other kids— most of them don’t have regular jobs and can’t afford to go to school. They have to make their own way in the world and rely on videos, drawings and graffiti as their ticket to success. 

    The subway is one of the most popular and fastest-growing transportation networks in the world, with more than 60 million passengers boarding trains each day. The Subway Surfers is an addictive puzzle game inspired by the underground network of subways around the world. Help the mariachi musician and his trusty horse Epona to keep moving steadily through a challenging sea of rings, squares and triangles. Use your arrow keys or swipe to ride horseback through platforming challenges, avoid obstacles and pick up coins that help you get further on your way.

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    Using Mouse

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