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    Are you a subway surfer? Are you a googly-eyed dynamo who can recite the complete lines of nearly any station? If you answered YES to both questions, then congratulations – you’re in the perfect place to help Subway open up a new restaurant in Peru! The famous sub sandwich is the perfect meal for two or more people. And we’ll score it for you! Get your GPS ready, we’re going to Peru! Subway is an American fast food franchise based in New York City. It was founded by Fred and Joseph Jaffe in 1940 as a drive-through window service business called Subways Service Station. In 1962, it began franchising operations under the name Fred & Joe’s Subway restaurants. Today, there are over 9,000 Subway restaurants worldwide with 6,000 of them being located in the United States. How To Become A Subway Surfer In order to qualify as a subway surfer, you will need to be able to recite the complete line of each station featured in every one of their restaurant videos. You must also have at least some level of verbal communication skills speaking English fluently). This means that if you speak English fluently but are not necessarily good at reading lips or following directions, this may not be a good fit for you.

    The Subway Surfers game is an extremely addictive, yet simple game that you can play on your iPhone or Android device. You see, the Subway Surfers game has very simple mechanics. It’s just like the old school arcade games that you played as a kid: You Interceptor. The object of the game is to guide your submarine through deep water puddles and obstacles in order to get to your destination with as few mistakes as possible. Can you guess what type of app this is? It’s an underground game – so it makes sense that it would be called “Subway Surfers” right? Well, actually no, but once you start playing then you won’t care what it's called! If you're looking for an affordable way to keep yourself entertained on a long plane flight or busy day at work, the Subway Surfers game might be for you. After all, who doesn't love to take a break from their smartphone and play some old-fashioned fun for a few

    Florida-based Subway has a long, storied history in the world of fast food. Founded in 1963 by Fred DeLuca and his brother John at the suggestion of a friend who was going to school at Northwestern University, the company started off serving deli sandwiches in Chicago's University District. Today, it has more than 4,200 restaurants globally under several different brand names including Subway, subway and BLT. The company is also famous for its "Footlong" sandwiches (which are actually just regular-sized subs), which are so named because they're usually cooked to perfection on the spot.

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