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    In the summer of 2010, a group of friends in NYC decided to form a band and tour. They named themselves “Subway Surfers” and began writing original songs during their downtime at work. A fateful meeting with lead singer/songwriter Paul Van Dyk followed, which resulted in the formation of this band; a combination of their mutual love for electronic music, lifestyle awareness, and the constant need to explore new places. The Subway Surfers World Tour is an ongoing project, with each member of the band taking on different roles on stage. Bassist Tyler Hoeger varies from playing minimalist melodies to pounding dance tracks. Guitarist Tyler Coe mixes together elements of hip-hop with cinematic rock to create his own unique sound. Drummer Dan Holm performs everything from ambient tracks to hard driving electronica shows that leave no one behind. The plan is always to perform new music, so fans can look forward to seeing them live again.

    The Subway Surfers World Tour is coming to Switzerland, and you are invited to take a ride on their train. The Subway Surf Stations World Tour will be taking over Switzerland from September 21st until October 24th, and they have a lot of places to visit. Whether you’re a fan of the classic games or something more modern, there’s something for everyone. The game modes are as diverse as the stations themselves: Play through three different modes in one trip, or compete in up to 10 local matches across three different difficulty levels. The choices are yours! And because this is the Subway Surfers World Tour, you won’t want to miss out on all the action.

    It’s a wrap! The largest annual food event in the world took place in Zurich,Switzerland this week and it was nothing short of amazing. We were honoured to have been one of the 22 businesses involved in The Subway Surfers World Tour. As a result we travelled around Europe for 7 months playing over 100 events, meeting rave reviews and creating memories that last. But as great as all of that was, nothing can quite compare to seeing your name above SPONSORED by @subway on Instagram or Twitter while you’re going through the motions of an event. 

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    Using Mouse

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