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A simple game, but you will be addicted to it. You are super buddy, who has powerful kicks and it is your great responsibility to protect the earth from crazy aliens. They come in different forms and some of them are very dangerous. The only thing that separates you from them is a wall as they cannot climb walls. Smack them with a kick before they get over the wall. If they do, their goal will be yours and you have to start all over again. - Super Buddy Kick has been created using HTML5 technologies allowing you to play on any modern browser or mobile device such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone It also supports Google Cardboard virtual reality.

This is the best game for your android devices. If you love action games and crazy games then this game is for you. Buddy kick is a simple but very addictive game. This game is created by Ketchapp which is one of the best app design company in the world. You can play this game on your Android device without any additional applications or plugins. Just download it from Google Play Store, install it and start playing! The App has 3 types of games modes available to play standalone or as a part of other modes such as Score Attack, Endless etc. 

Are you ready to play some super addictive and crazy action game now? Super Buddy Kick is a simple yet very fun game where you need to tap the screen immediately when the red circle appears on the top of the screen. The more you tap, the higher score you will get. It may sound easy but it’s not as it gets harder and harder as you progress. The super fast and faster character has just started itself in this action game and will not stop until he succeeds to clear all levels. Sounds interesting? It’s time to get

Super Buddy Kick is a game with simple objective. Jump on your buddy as much as you can in one minute. This will test your reflexes, speed and coordination. The more moves you have, the higher score you will get! At first, it seems like an easy task but don’t expect to be able to complete it easily from the start. Getting used to this game is important since if you are not fast enough at hunting for your buddy or tapping the screen fast enough then you won’t make it past the first

This is Crazy addictive ketchapp game. It has many levels and you will love it. The goal of the game is not to crash into other cars on the road, but rather to avoid hitting the other cars with your car. You race against time in this game, as each new level gets more difficult than the previous one. The more difficult levels are unlocked after you finish them a certain number of times. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Crazy Buddy.

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Using Mouse

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