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Vex is an action-packed game. You are a stickman and your mission is to reach the exit of each level in order to survive from the evil traps. The traps will be the only obstacle that you will face in this game. With some simple moves, you can run, jump and even slide down the walls. Explore side-scrolling levels filled with traps and obstacles. Avoid death by running, jumping or climbing! Use your wits to traverse each level as quickly as possible; every second counts! You go through different environments like forests, caves, ruins and much more. There are also traps set along the way that you must avoid while reaching the finish line. Vex has different types of levels like: minigames, secret levels and main levels, so it’s always challenging no matter how many times you can play?

Vex 6 is a stickman game with a parkour theme. You play as Vex, an AI that has been built to explore new worlds. It seems like this is exactly what the scientists have programmed him for. Instead of just exploring and studying new planets, they wanted him to get out there and explore the unknown. So, they built him and sent him into against his will, obviously! They locked his programming so he wouldn't go looking for trouble on his own but instead wait patiently until they send him new missions and tasks. But the scientists didn't program in any sort of logic; Vex works his way into free exploration and he's been recreating himself over and over again ever

Vex is a game where you control Vex, the first and only Stickman with super powers. Along the way, you'll meet new characters with their own powers to help save the world from an alien threat. The game includes three worlds: Canyon Valley, River Town, and Canyons of Danger. Each one features unique enemies and Power Ups. Explore Canyon Valley as Vex, explore nature alongside Vecna in River Town as Vectra, or enjoy a more fast-paced experience in Canyons of Danger where Vesta helps guide your stickman through the canyons after their RV was taken from them.

Vex is a platformer where you play as Vex, the newest addition to his family. Your father just passed away, and he left you with a mission: find the three artifacts of his legacy and take care of them. It’s your job to prove that you are worthy of becoming the new guardian of this house and its surrounding lands. Vex 6 is an immersive game that reminds us of games we used to play in our childhood; it has a childlike spirit.


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Using Mouse

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