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Word Finder is a challenging word search game that requires your brain to think in new ways. You will not find it easy, but the reward of completing each level is so easy.

This game is a word search game with a twist. In This amazing game you need to find not just the words but also their meaning. Each clue provides a word and its definition. Each clue is represented as an arrangement of nine tiles, three each with one of the letters in the word, either vertically or horizontally, and another letter of that word. The words are found by combining their meanings in different ways until they make sense in both English and as an answer to the clue - it must be relevant to both simultaneously! Armed with your browser and intelligence you can beat this challenging puzzle

This one is a simple and addictive word puzzle game. Search for all the hidden words in the grid before time runs out! The game is simple, you just need to find all the hidden words in the grid. Each word can be found by clue. Once you find a word, it will disappear from other places in the grid where it appears again with its synonym. This makes it easy to know where that particular word can appear again. This HTML5 free puzzle game can be played on desktop browsers, mobile devices (eg tablet, iPhone), and also as an app (Android). Good luck and have fun playing Word Finder.

This game is fun and challenging word game to test your vocabulary. The rules are simple: find the hidden words in the grid before time runs out. Sounds easy? Give it a try! This amazing game will have you hooked from the first level. How far can you get in this game.

This game is a fun word search game where you have to find hidden words. Great for building vocabulary and concentration. 

How to play Word Finder

Controls Drag left mouse button

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