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About Word Hunt

Word Hunt is an educational and entertaining game in which the player has to find all the hidden words in a set of scrambled letters. The game has two modes: Training and Time Attack. In training mode you can review unlocked puzzles and check your progress, while Time Attack Mode tests your speed and accuracy by putting you against the clock. We have developed an HTML5 version of This one so that it can be played on any devices. You don't need to download anything or install any plugin to play this game, just click on the link

This one is an HTML5 educational game for kids. In this word puzzle game your task is to find the hidden words in the grid. There are multiple levels, each more challenging than the previous one. In every level you need to locate a specific set of words and phrases, but with limited number of hints available. Good luck and have a good time!

This game is a simple, addictive puzzle game with one goal – find all the hidden words! On each level, you are given a grid of random letters. Your task is to find and mark all the hidden words in the grid (in this case, all the words that begin with specific

Word Hunt is a challenging HTML5 word puzzle where you must find hidden words. You are given an letters and your task is to combine them to find the hidden words. This game makes you think outside the box. How fast can you react? Are you ready for this game.

This amazing game is an HTML5 educational puzzle game. It’s a word search with a twist! Instead of searching for words in a grid of letters, you must find the correct words hidden within a sentence. 

How to play Word Hunt

Controls Drag the left mouse button to highlight the words.

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