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Word Wipe is a word-solving game. The goal is to make words as fast as possible. To do this, you need to collect letters that are scattered around the grid and build them in order from left to right. Each letter will appear once only and you can use it once per solution. However, beware of the red letters! These letters will turn all the other letters red and wipe out your word. It’s even more dangerous if there are several red lettres in one word! The game comes with 50 different grids of four rows of five letters each but we also created several extra grids for you (check our user submissions page for more). You can play against the computer or a friend on one device via Local Multiplayer or pass control over to a friend via Bluetooth or Play-Fi for up to four players. If you’re playing against the computer, keep an eye out for the Word Level Multiplier that drastically increases the difficulty of Words as they To give you some advice before playing, here are some hints to help you succeed faster: - Use lowercase letters first before working with uppercase ones - Always start with an easy letter like S - Use at least two letters at once; three is better; four is best! - Keep track of how many solutions you made so far; if too many red letters appear in succession, it may be time to take a score.

This one is a game that requires the player to quickly respond to words using letters for each word. The words are hidden in pictures and as you find more words, the difficulty increases as well. You can also play this game using swords for your convenience where multiple players can play simultaneously. There are 8 different word wipe games which include word wipe,game,swords,puzzle, word-search, arcade and word scramble. When This amazing game s are used successfully they can be a great tool to help those with Multiple Peculiarities (MPD). Word Wipe s create cognitive overload by asking the player to focus on one thing at a time while working with several types of information concurrently. This activity is one of few that can test the limits of a person’s IQ and other cognitive abilities simultaneously. When used inappropriately these This game s can break down someone’s ability to focus and pay attention under pressure or stress thus limiting their potential. 

Word Wipe is a challenging word game where your objective is to clear the board by removing as many letters as possible. The more letters you remove, the higher your score will be. Clear the board by swiping out all the letters! The game has 3 different modes: Scramble, Word Scrambles and This amazing game s. In each mode there are 5 difficulties, so you can choose how hard you want to play. Dictation doesn’t matter in this game because you can only use one finger for each letter and that makes it really easy to play with one hand; it’s just a matter of learning the layout of each level and finishing quickly so that you don’t get caught up on something else while waiting for longer levels to finish playing. This is an arcade style game with level completion (in-app purchase). You will have unlimited attempts to beat the bubble level with your current score and time remaining before the bubble pops. You can also set a time limit if that helps keep you from getting too frustrated and wanting to quit at times when playing this game

This game is an awesome game for those who love word games. In this game you have to remove the tiles from the board by making words. Word Wipe Features: - Intuitive gameplay, which makes it easy to pick up and play but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. - Play against the clock or challenge your friends in a race to clear as many letters as possible before the time runs out. - Over 120,000 words and phrases, with new ones added every week! Word definitions are fully searchable, so finding that one precise word isn’t hard at all! - A great way to relax and unwind after a long day. As well as helping you learn new words and expand your

This game is an addictive word puzzle and action arcade that requires your quick wits, logic and quick reflexes. Words are hidden in different rooms of the house and you need to find them by using a special letter that has a unique shape. The only catch is that you only have 60 seconds to find each letter, solve the puzzle and get to the next room. 

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Using Mouse

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