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    About BitLife Cult

    BitLife Cult expansion introduces a captivating gameplay experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the enigmatic world of cults. By purchasing the expansion and selecting a sanctuary plot, you can create your own cult, complete with a unique name, philosophy, and rules. Managing followers and their loyalty while generating income through membership fees adds depth to the gameplay. This intriguing expansion invites players to navigate the complexities of cult leadership and offers an engaging twist on the BitLife experience.

    Steering a Thriving Cult in BitLife:

    1. Gathering Followers: With your sanctuary in place, you'll witness the steady influx of followers. The prosperity of your cult hinges on accumulating loyal members who believe in your cause. An annual commune ledger provides insights into your followers, revenue generation, and their loyalty level, aiding you in assessing your cult's performance.

    2. Cult Management: Access your commune through the Relationships tab, which opens up a plethora of options. From viewing your cult's doctrine to recruiting new members, the aim is to amass loyal followers without arousing doubts or skepticism regarding your cult's activities or beliefs.

    3. Financial Prosperity: The financial health of your cult is intricately linked to your follower count. As the number of loyal followers grows, so does the income derived from membership fees. Effectively managing your finances is pivotal for the long-term sustainability of your cult.

    4. Cult Member Loyalty: The success of your cult hinges on the loyalty of your members. Cultivate an environment where your followers are content and committed. Keeping a vigilant eye on your commune ledger allows you to monitor the loyalty of your members, ensuring a thriving cult community.

    How to play BitLife Cult

    Using mouse.

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