Brokun 2

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    About Brokun 2

    Brokun 2 is a delightful 2D platformer that continues the adventures of Brokun, a brave human tasked with collecting magical stones while navigating through a world filled with dangers. Building on the charm and excitement of the original "Brokun" game, this second installment offers new challenges, adorable graphics, and engaging gameplay. With eight levels of increasing difficulty, Brokun 2 promises hours of fun and frustration in equal measure.

    Collecting Magical Stones

    In Brokun 2, your primary objective is to collect all the magical stones scattered throughout each level. These stones are essential for Brokun's quest and are often placed in hard-to-reach or perilous locations. The thrill of the game lies in maneuvering through the obstacles to gather these precious items, adding a layer of strategy and exploration to the platforming action.

    Avoiding Little Devils and Flying Monsters

    As you guide Brokun through each level, you'll encounter a variety of enemies, including mischievous little devils and menacing flying monsters. These foes add a significant challenge to your journey, as they patrol the platforms and airspace, ready to thwart your progress. Avoiding their attacks and outsmarting their movements requires quick reflexes and sharp timing. The world of Brokun 2 is filled with hazards that test your platforming skills. You'll need to dodge bullets fired by enemies, leap over deadly spikes, and navigate through the fiery pits of hell. Each hazard demands precise control and careful timing, making every step a potential pitfall. The combination of these elements keeps the gameplay intense and exciting.

    How to play Brokun 2

    Using Mouse.

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