Jezaa 2

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    About Jezaa 2

    Jezaa 2 is an enchanting 2D platformer that immerses players in an anime-themed world. In this sequel to the original Jezaa game, you control an anime girl on a quest to collect purple cubes while navigating a series of perilous obstacles. With eight levels of escalating difficulty, Jezaa 2 offers a delightful and challenging experience for fans of platformers and anime alike.

    Collecting Purple Cubes

    In Jezaa 2, the primary objective is to collect all the purple cubes scattered throughout each level. These cubes are crucial to progressing in the game and are often placed in hard-to-reach areas or surrounded by dangers. Collecting them requires careful navigation and strategic planning, adding a layer of depth and challenge to the platforming gameplay.

    Avoiding Monsters and Flying Creatures

    As you journey through each level, you'll encounter various monsters and flying creatures determined to stop you. These enemies patrol the platforms and airspace, firing bullets and creating obstacles in your path. Avoiding their attacks and outmaneuvering them is essential for survival. The variety and behavior of these creatures keep the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

    Dodging Ground Saws, Bullets, and Lava

    The world of Jezaa 2 is filled with hazards designed to test your platforming skills. Ground saws move back and forth, creating dangerous zones that must be timed perfectly to avoid. Bullets from enemies require quick reflexes to dodge, while pools of lava add a deadly element to the levels. Each hazard demands precision and timing, ensuring that the game remains challenging and exciting.

    How to play Jezaa 2

    Using Mouse.

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