Pixel Battles

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    About Pixel Battles

    Pixel Battles is a collection of four fun and amazing two-player mini-games that promise excitement and challenges for players of all skill levels. Whether you're commanding tanks, competing in go-kart races, engaging in thrilling football matches, or defending against enemy helicopters, this pixel-filled challenge awaits. The first to secure 3 points will emerge victorious—do you have what it takes?

    Mini-Game Extravaganza

    Enter the battlefield and take control of powerful tanks in a head-to-head showdown. Outmaneuver your opponent, strategically plan your shots, and be the first to secure three victories in this intense tank warfare mini-game.

    Experience the excitement of a pixelated football match where skill and strategy reign supreme. Outsmart your opponent, execute precise passes, and score goals to claim victory. With each goal bringing you closer to the 3-point win, every move counts.

    Go-Kart Racing

    Put the pedal to the metal in a thrilling go-kart race. Navigate challenging tracks, use power-ups strategically, and race towards the finish line. Will you be the first to cross it three times and clinch victory in this fast-paced pixelated race?

    Helicopter Showdown

    Engage in an aerial battle as you shoot down enemy helicopters before they take out yours. Precision and quick reflexes are essential to secure points in this intense pixelated air combat. The race to 3 points is on—who will emerge as the top pilot?

    How to play Pixel Battles

    Using mouse.


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